Sunday, February 6, 2011

First Blog.... First Post.... First Questions....

Since this is my first blog I'm still learning, but hopefully this is will all run smoothly. I made this blog because throughout the day I come up with random questions and ask people I know what they think about the question or how they would answer it.  Now I think its time to ask these questions to a bigger, more diverse, audience. The questions I will ask on my blog aren't meant to offend anyone, any religion, any government, etc.  Any answers or questions from other users that are purposefully meant to offend anyone or anything personally will not be tolerated. Remember you can always make a good point, just don't be a jerk about it and watch your language when you type and everyone will be happy (I hope).

So now for the first questions of this blog:
Within the galaxy we live in (the Milky Way) there are no other planets that have lifeforms like Earth (plants, animals, or intelligent lifeforms like Humans). Is it possible that Mars once had advanced intelligent lifeforms/civilization that could have been equal too or greater then what Humans are now? Could it be possible if there were advanced intelligent lifeforms living on Mars that they were able to escape on their own "Noah's Ark?"

Tell me what you guys think and remember I could care less if you disagree with me, I just want to see how others view, interpret, and answer the questions. People need to see different ideas and different answers from different people, so that everyone can expand on their own thought processes and knowledge.

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  1. I can kinda tell this is your first attempt at a blog, come take a look at mine to see how to blog.
    i am here for legitimate reasons, I hope the same is true about you!!/Xannissa